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A Harmony of Triumphs

Thrilled to Honour the exceptional accomplishments of our students in the esteemed CBSE examinations. Their dedication, perseverance, and relentless pursuit of excellence have led to an outstanding showcase of brilliance.



Student Name Percentage
Shivanshi Sharma 94.4%
Laksh Syal 93.4%
Ishani Chauhan 90.8%
Shradha Sant 86.6%
Niyati Yadav 84%
Prachi Sharma 81.8%
Anjal Thapa 81.6%
Vidushi Tomar 81.6%
Samarveer Singh Rohil 81.6%
Shubhanshi 80.8%
Abhinav Manglate 80.6%
Abhinav 80.6%
Akshra 80.2%


Student Name Percentage
Guneet Kaur Shah 98%
Geetanjali Sharma 96.2%
Navisha Chauhan 95.8%
Riya 95.8%
Anant Joshi 94.6%
Sunidhi Parmar 94.6%
Aaryendra Thakur 92.6%
Vrinda Jaswal 92.4%
Vaishali 92.2%
Yash Thakur 91.6%
Rimshah Syed 91.4%
Deepakshi Thakur 91.4%
Suhani Thakur 90.6%
Shivansh Sharma 90.4%

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the students for their exceptional performance in the CBSE examinations

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