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Why is Activity-based Learning Good for Children?

Activity-based learning is an effective educational model that promotes understanding and achievement in children. Developed by educationist David Horsburgh, this methodology enables children to learn at their own pace through supervised activities. At Arihant International School, one of the Best School in Nahan, we embrace activity-based learning through exploration, experimentation, and engagement.

Active Participation
We ensure that children actively participate in their own learning process by engaging in hands-on activities. Through activities like show and tell, puzzles, models, and pictionary, they learn by doing and become actively involved in their education.

Activities expose children to new discoveries and boost their self-esteem. They learn how to socialize, interact with peers, and share knowledge and experiences. Activities like clay modeling and sandpits enhance creativity and improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
Improved Knowledge Retention
Activity-based learning focuses on independent investigation and analysis. When children work individually or in small groups, they become more curious, which sharpens their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Learning from their experiences contributes to better knowledge retention.

Engaging Learning
Fun and engaging activities, such as play stations, show and tell, and water stations, offer unique and creative ways for children to learn. These activities keep students away from passive activities like watching TV screens and keep them actively occupied.

Confidence Building
By performing tasks independently or in groups, children gain confidence. They learn to rely on their own understanding and become more comfortable stepping out of their comfort zones. Activity-based learning also encourages them to try new things and participate in other activities, fostering personality development.

Final Words
As one of the Best CBSE Schools in Himachal Pradesh, we prioritize stimulating young learners’ minds through activity-based learning. This approach encourages playfulness, curiosity, and independence, which are crucial for their early developmental and educational journey.

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